Catch Your Own Fish, Then Eat it…in Key Largo and Beyond

Catch Your Own Fish

Anglers, take note: if you’re like me then you love fishing for the sport. It’s catch and release all the way, right? Otherwise we’d be depleting our natural resources for some of the most horrendous reasons: pleasure.

Don’t you want to eat what you caught?

Of course sometimes it’s nice to each what you catch, too. That’s hard to do when you’ve just spent eight hours in the hot sun out on the water in a boat. How about taking your catch to a restaurant and having them cook it up?

Catch Your Own Fish

Well if you’re like me you’ll also know that unfortunately, restaurants don’t typically give you much of a deal when you bring your own fish. For some reason, the cost is still quite high even when you’re supplying the meat. Go figure!

Discount or no, it’s worth getting your fish cooked up.

Having a restaurant cook up your own fish. It may not always be the bargain you wanted, but in Key Largo it’s worth a try- after all, proceeds from Key Largo fishing is some of the best eating in the world. Even with the tiniest of discounts, it’s a source of pride to know you caught your own dinner.

After all, not everyone gets to experience the satisfaction of catching their own meat. But that’s changing in Japan, thanks to one chain of restaurants.

Here’s how they’re catching their own fish and eating it in Japan.

There’s a restaurant chain called “Zauo”, and they will gladly cook up your catch for you. But there’s a catch!

You “catch” your own fish but all the fishing takes place right in the restaurant. You sit at tables that resemble boats, and they’re surrounded by a “moat” of fish tanks. You can choose to have the waiter catch your fish for you, but it costs more.

So you really do get a discount here for catching your own fish. The waiter even baits the hook for you (live shrimp) and tells you where to put your bait in the water. It can get sloppy when one finally bites and you reel it in. There’s an actual “deck” (the dining area) and you slop it up on there. Your dining neighbors will applaud your effort and dinner is soon to be cooked.

You can even choose to have it served as sushi, for the ultimate in freshness (guaranteed!). There are 14 Zauo branches around Japan, and it’s hugely popular. Families love the place for its fun atmosphere and a great place to gather (Japanese homes are TINY!).

A Zauo branch in Key Largo? Fishing will never be the same!

They’re currently looking to open branches in New York and San Francisco…why not Key Largo? Perhaps it’s because down here we really do fishing on the open seas. In other words, we don’t have to pretend we’re fishing: the real thing is available for anyone who wants to give it a try.

All in all, Japan sounds like a nice place to visit but if you have to catch your fish in a restaurant then maybe it’s not for people who really love sport fishing