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A Guide to a Stress Free Foreign Holiday

If you find it a strain getting the family to the airport in one piece, there are easier ways to arrange a European flight,...
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The Sofia Hotel, San Diego

At A Glance: Displaying chic accents, the 3.5-star Sofia Hotel is a historic property set at the epicenter of pulsating downtown San Diego. Guests enjoy...
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5 Reasons the Ionian Islands Are a Hot Sailing Destination

Off the west coast of Greece is a group of islands known as the Ionian Islands. They are surrounded by pristine blue waters bathed...


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Student Travel Insurance | Gap Year Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance can help keep you out of trouble when it’s time for your overseas experience or gap year. The desire to go roaming...

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Top Reasons to Hold an Evening Event during a Conference

Conferences usually last for up to a week, and these leave guests a lot of free time after the daytime event hours. Indeed, they...
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Enjoy Golfing More in a Hot Destination

Golfing is a great way to spend a warm day. It doesn’t matter if you are passionate about the sport or if you are...
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Tips for Staying Calm and Happy When Emigrating to New Zealand

Moving to a new country can be a very exciting experience, but it can also be a stressful one. There are a lot of...

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