Top Places for Honeymoon in India

Jammu and Kashmir

The Honeymoon is just one of the best times for newlywed couples spend time together after their wedding day.  Most of the couples would like to visit a place that they had never been to, because they want to make the most out of their honeymoon. It will be best to step out of your comfort zone and find an exotic place to spend your romantic moments together.  There is no need to spend huge amount of cash because can look for coupons and codes at Makemytrip.


Goa has some of the world renowned beaches; it also has an exotic culture as well as an amazing background. It’s also the perfect destination for those who are looking for a romantic and sensuous honeymoon destination. It is very much known for its sand, while the sun as well as the sea in this part of India offers you a lot that you cannot ask for more. You can walk hand in hand from the beach, you can both visit the churches as well as the forts or you can do some motorbike escapade together. You can look for Makemytrip coupon code for domestic flights as you plan for the trip. Makemytrip coupon code can help you save a lot of money for this particular trip.


Kerela in India is known for its hill stations, beaches and backwaters. It has something in store for every couple. It has an exotic wildlife, waterfalls and everything you are looking for is just what it has to offer. The wildlife in Thekkady is the best for those who would like to share the moment with nature. It is just 3 ½ hour drive from Munnar. The Periyar wildlife sanctuary is the home of the tigers and elephants. You can ask for a safari night from the guides if you want to. You can also cruise along the backwaters of Kovalam. How about rejuvenating at the tea plantations in Munnar with the beauty of the Alleppey?  Honeymoon in this part of India has been something to look forward to.

Jammu and Kashmir

If you are looking for a local destination for your honeymoon, why don’t you go to Jammu and Kashmir? You can use Makemytrip flight coupons for additional savings. It will be nice to spend your honeymoon in Jammu and Kashmir, since this place is known as one of the best places to explore in India. There is nothing better than to unleash its wonders with your husband or wife. You can book for a houseboat and then take the shikara ride or you can just nestle in a blanket while sipping some kahwa. This isn’t a bad way to start your life to forever with your partner.

Jammu and Kashmir

Himachal Pradesh

This place is one of the most visited spots in India by locals and foreigners. It has snow white mountains filled with pine woods and captivating valleys. Makemytrip bus coupons can help you reach this destination without hassles and without spending a lot of money.