Student Travel Insurance | Gap Year Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance can help keep you out of trouble when it’s time for your overseas experience or gap year.

The desire to go roaming is natural for a student – but the call to adventure doesn’t always work out as smoothly as the movies have us think. Things go wrong all the time when you travel, so having insurance is important.

Many students decide to take some time off from the academic grind. Some do so after high school before starting college, others during their higher education years before going back and finishing their degree.

There’s a list of reasons that may compel a young person to take a gap year, such as taking the time to decide on a career to pursue, or getting a job to set aside some money, to name just a couple.

Some may just be yearning to explore far away places while they still have the freedom to do so.

Anything could happen in the middle of a trip. You could take ill, get injured, lose your backpack, get stuck somewhere due to a natural disaster – you name it. Having student travel insurance can dampen the effects of such undesirable eventualities, at least from a financial standpoint. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re financially covered no matter what happens.

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What Does Student Travel Insurance Cover?

While it may be somewhat similar to regular travel insurance, student travel insurance is designed to
cover the risks involved while the student is traveling to foreign destinations. In addition to health and travel risks associated with being abroad, the policy also offers additional cover benefits for the family of the student in the event of an adverse situation.

Generally, the policy will cover such things as emergency medical care, repatriation in case you need to be brought back home for treatment, ambulance and hospital stay expenses, lost baggage, and more.

Most insurance companies provide a 24-hour assistance number that can be called in the event that you need a translator, emergency money, lose your passport, or any other type of emergency.

What is the Length of Cover?

In most cases, your gap year travel insurance will cover you for the duration of the trip. You can travel to as many destinations throughout the world as you please, the cover doesn’t end until you’ve come back home. The trip duration limit depends on the policy provider – most companies offer cover for trips up to 365 days.

If your plans are such that you will be taking several trips during the year, as opposed to one continuous journey to different spots around the world, then you might be better served by an annual policy. This option will likely be cheaper than taking out several single-trip policies, but make sure you calculate and compare costs to get the best deal.

Additional Cover Options

Your policy can be made to fit your travel plans and style. If, in addition to sightseeing, you enjoy engaging in sports and thrill seeker activities, options can be added to your policy so that these activities are covered as well. Many providers have adventure travel insurance options tailored to students.

It is, however, essential that you ensure these things are covered prior to purchasing the policy. Usually dangerous activities aren’t included in the ‘default’ version of a policy.

Purchasing Gap Year Travel Insurance Online

Lastly, it may be a good idea to buy your policy online as insurance companies offer sizable discounts for cover purchased on the Internet. Going online will also allow you to easily compare a number of quotes from different providers.