Protect Your Tech on Holiday

Protect Your Tech on Holiday

Today, we’re more dependent than ever on the technology in our pockets. We don’t just use our mobile phones as telephones anymore, at least not in the sense envisioned by Alexander Graham Bell. We use our phones to text, to look up information online, for social media, and for maps and tips on where to eat, stay, and go out for the night. All our other gadgets are similarly myriad in their applications. As we become increasingly dependent on our devices, the consequences of damage and loss become increasingly dire.

What would you do without your phone or computer if you lost it at home, in your ordinary life? You might be able to get by without one for a while, or purchase a new one, but you’d certainly feel the financial loss, as well as the loss of all your convenience. Losing your gadgets to damage, theft, or accidental loss on holiday magnifies the issue. Navigating a strange place, keeping track of your itinerary, and staying in touch with your friends and family at home suddenly go from being a simple matter of touching a screen to an arduous, time-consuming task guaranteed to stress you out while you’re on holiday. Replacing a lost or damaged phone while travelling can mean an unaffordable, expensive purchase, preventing you from enjoying your travel as you initially planned. That’s why gadget travel insurance by Leisure Guard, for example, is so important to any serious travellers planning their next adventure.

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Travel insurance is nothing new. Many travel agencies and flight booking services add it to your travel plans for a minimal fee as a means of protecting you against the unexpected. Travel insurance generally includes reimbursement against cancelled or delayed flights, natural disasters, and other events that might disrupt your travel plans. Gadget travel insurance is merely an extension of this principle, the aim being to protect the insured party against unforeseen circumstances while they’re away. You want to be insured against the major types of damage typically incurred while travelling abroad, but some of them might not be exactly what you were expecting.

The Major Areas for Gadget Damage

There are a few massive hits to the wallet that gadgets can take while you’re travelling. Obviously, accidental loss or physical damage to the device is one that’s all too common. Dropping your phone while walking, or it falling into the ocean while you’re on a scuba diving trip, can mean costly replacements and doing without your mobile for the remainder of your trip. Your chosen insurance policy should, on that note, cover you against accidental liquid damage in particular, as liquid is the natural enemy of electronic devices.

It’s worth noting that you should also be covered against the theft of your gadgets, particularly while travelling in areas where crime rates are relatively high. With theft in mind, you should make sure you’re insured against unauthorised use of your phone when it incurs a cost to you. If someone steals your mobile and uses it to make phone calls, send texts, and download music, you shouldn’t have to pay for that. Insure yourself against all these mishaps and travel with some peace of mind.