Fly to Turkey to explore these heavenly beaches

Fly to Turkey to explore these heavenly beaches

With an extended coastline that serves as a frontier to the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, Turkey has forever been a much-loved beach destination among tourists. Boasting picturesque sites, turquoise blue seas and serene natural surroundings, Turkey’s beach destinations have always topped the chart of the best summer getaway list. But the fact that makes this place even more exciting is that there are several beach resorts and each of them has a unique element that is quite captivating for a stay. When I visited Turkey last year, I stayed at the Heaven Resort and was quite pampered by their services. You too can get your international flight tickets booked and stay at the Heaven Resort or any other beach resort for a relaxing holiday. And while on your stay, do not forget to check out the following top beaches in Turkey to make your vacation amazing.

Patara Beach

Stretching over 18 kilometres long, Patara Beach is the longest beach in Turkey and is a perfect place for beach lovers. From sun lounges and cafeteria to soft sands, Patara Beach has all of it. Here, you can indulge in watersport activities like boating and swimming or can have some well-spent time at the cafes. Patara Beach is also an ideal option for those tired of sunbathing or swimming as here, you can visit the ample ruins of Patara. In addition to that, you can also take a trip to the village of Glamis which is located just a few kilometres away from Patara Beach. All in all, it is not just a great place for spending vacation but is also an ideal spot for exploring the nearby attractions.

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon

Also known as the ‘Blue Lagoon Top Turkey Beach,’ Oludeniz beach is one of the best destinations for adventure lovers. The soft golden sands along the shore and pine tree forest at the backdrop with the mountain surrounding the palace are some of the highlights that make this beach look astonishingly beautiful. Besides the breathtaking views, this place is also perfect to quench all your adventure desires. From swimming to paragliding to surfing, you can have a fun time here with your buddies trying out these activities. Additionally, you can also participate in activities like paddleboarding, pebble beach tours and scuba diving that are arranged for every tourist visiting this place. Apart from that, you can also visit the blue lagoons of Turkey for exploring the beach towns and villages.


Located just 25 kilometres away from Oludeniz, Kabak is one of the magnificent places to visit in Turkey. Known as ‘Turkey’s bohemian beach resort’, staying in this place will make you feel like sleeping amid the pine trees. In fact, the beach looks stunning with its white sands along the shore and crystal turquoise water all of which makes it a perfect place to relax. It is an idle spot for climbing and hiking and there are also camps held in the surrounding area and the place also provides pools and spa facilities to the visitors.

Bodrum Peninsula

Situated in the South Aegean coastline, Bodrum Peninsula is one of the widely famous beaches in Turkey known for its Deluxe beach resorts and hotels. With hills covered in greens and serene sea beaches, this place has become a weekend getaway for many Turkish and European visitors. On the western tip of the peninsula, you will come across some of the beautiful stretches of beach near the towns of Bitez, Yalikavak and Gumusluk which are home to beautiful resorts and hotels. The top restaurants, cinemas and pubs that lined along the coast of Bodrum also make this place a top attraction among the visitors. Here, you can either take a sunbath on the sea beach or can head over to the cafeteria for some refreshment. When I visited the beach, I opted for the sunbath and trust me, it was a mind-blowing experience. So, I would definitely recommend you to experience it as well.

Iztuzu Beach

Spread over a distance of 4.5 kilometres, Iztuzu Beach in Turkey is known for its serene beauty and is the best location for experiencing ataraxia. Also known as the turtle island, this beach is the nesting ground for the turtles. Due to the turtle habitats, the natural beauty of this place has been kept intact by restricting development to a minimum. Iztuzu Beach is a great relaxing spot for visitors and you can also boat here with your friends and family. There are also sun lounges and a cafeteria along the beach area which provide good options for refreshment.

Now you know which are the top beaches in Turkey to visit on your next vacation. So, do not wait any longer, add these locations to your itinerary and explore these incredible beach destinations in Turkey on your upcoming getaway.