Rhodes to Kos – Bareboat Charter in the Greek Archipelago


Rhodes and Kos are popular Greek charter destinations if you want to explore Greek island life, but, while both islands have great opportunities for both cultural and nightlife experiences, why not have a new experience when holidaying in the region? If you love sailing there is an excellent way of experiencing everything these islands have to offer and, as an added bonus, you get to see sights that most tourists miss. Fly down to Rhodes, take a bareboat charter and set sail on a 7-day journey to Kos and back. Feel the sun on your face as you glide over the Mediterranean, propelled by nothing but wind.

Rhodes to Kos

Both Rhodes and Kos are part of the area called “Dodecanese” which is derived from the Greek word for 12. The reason for this name is that the archipelago consists of 12 major, and around 150 minor, islands. Only 26 of these are inhabited, so there are many opportunities for virgin beaches and undisturbed anchor spots.

An itinerary can, of course, take many shapes and forms but here are some things that can be worth planning into the trip:

Nisiros Island – Although famous for its still active volcano, the chance for an eruption is slim considering the last one was in 1888. Enjoy some “soumada” – a non-alcoholic drink flavoured with almonds that is locally produced on the island.

Kos – One of the largest islands in the area with approximately 33,000 inhabitants. Rich in culture;a medieval castle, temple ruins and what is thought to be the place where Hippocrates (commonly considered the father of modern medicine) was taught his craft, are all fascinating parts of the Kos experience.

Patmos – Voted by Forbes magazine as one of “Europe’s most idyllic places to live.” It’s also said that theBook of Revelation was written by the apostle John, here.

Symi–Visit this quaint island which initially became famous for its sponge diving. The island is now catering more towards tourism, but it is also home to over 120 winepresses that are located all over. Enjoy locally produced wine with an extensive seafood menu at any number of small and pretty restaurants or cafes.

These islands are just a small selection of the tranquil and restful places you can visit in the eastern part of the Greek archipelago. So take a bareboat charter, raise the sail and let the winds carry you to new and exciting places!