Life’s A Beach – Enjoy A ‘Classic’ Holiday In The Sunshine State.


The whole concept of a ‘holiday’ has changed substantially in recent years. The world does seem to have gotten somewhat smaller, with the cost of flights coming down and accessibility increasing to ever more weird and wonderful places.

So what was once an annual two-week break by the seaside may now be five days on safari, five days trekking and four days of traveling just to get to these places. Moreover, another vacation may be needed just to recover from the arduous nature of many current holiday schedules.

Indeed, it’s easy to forget how pleasurable a pure sunshine holiday can be, where the biggest decision of the day is where to go for lunch or whether to have that second cocktail, and the only place to get lost is in a book by the pool. A holiday, after all, is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable.

The classic holidays destination for people the world-over is Florida. For years, people have descended upon the ‘Sunshine State’ in droves, and it’s not difficult to see why; Florida holidays are as popular as ever, and it’s chiefly due to the diversity of what’s on offer.

Predominantly a peninsula state, Florida is surrounded by water on its southern, eastern and western side. And where there is water, of course, there are beaches. With some 1200 miles of coastline, Florida has some of the best beaches in the world; from Miami Beach in the south to Daytona Beach – ‘the world’s most famous beach’ – in the north. And coupled with the year-round sunshine, it is little surprise that Florida is such a popular holiday destination. But to solely discuss the fantastic beaches, would be doing a massive disservice to the rest of Florida.

The Everglades National Park in south-western Florida is the largest subtropical wilderness in the USA and is an international biosphere reserve. As a designated ‘safe-haven’ for 36 endangered species including the American Crocodile, the Florida Panther, and the West-Indian manatee, it is positively teeming with wildlife.

Then there is also probably the most famous recreation resort in the world: Disney World. Situated just outside of Orlando, it is a sprawling, self-contained city in itself, and contains four theme parks, two water parks and many themed hotels and shopping, dining and entertainment venues. It has to be seen to be believed.

Florida also has an abundance of cultural opportunities, including the National Museum of Naval Aviation, which is one of the largest and most beautiful air and space museums in the world. Situated in the Naval Air Station Pensacola, it is home to a hands-on history of naval aviation, including more than 150 restored aircraft and an amazing IMAX theater, ensuring a visit to remember for everyone.

So, it seems Florida holidays still have what it takes to keep up with and even surpass, many of the world’s other top tourist attractions. The ‘Sunshine State’ does exactly what it says on the tin and more, ensuring a trip to remember for everyone.