Why are More and More People Going on Walking Tours

Walking Tours

As many of you are already aware, Walking tours are day trips or longer where the participants primarily travel by foot. Walking tours normally have an assigned starting point and a place where it will end.

  • Many of the tours will have a travel guide who walks along with the travellers so as to make sure that they get to the ending point safely.

Some of these novel tours will be to famous local landmarks and there are others which are organised so that hikers can experience certain areas of a foreign country.

In the City

Walking tour operators can provide walking tours in many major cities; such tours usually last for a few hours.

  • This city type of walking tour might be built around walking to specific tourist sites such as museums, palaces, churches and other famous landmarks.
  • Walkers will usually have a certain amount of time to look around every place before resuming the hike.
  • Operators might include the fees for visiting the tourist sites into the tour itself, although some may just charge a flat rate for the tour and hikers can then decide for themselves if they wish to pay entrance fees to the sites along the route.

Up to a Week or Even Longer

Yes, it is possible to go on extended walking tours to many foreign countries where walking tours can last for several days or weeks, can be perfectly organised. On these tours, the hiking company can easily arrange accommodation at different points along the route.

There’s also the option of camping, which many people find suitable while taking such an alternative kind of holiday.

  • Camping helps to make the trip more cost effective and adds to the ruggedness of the walking experience.
  • People interested in Greece walking tours should do the research and make use of a renowned walking tour operator.

Some hiking holidays can be taken where the participants can go on several walking trips in different locations and the hikers can either make use of local transport or have it laid on by the tour operator.

Guide or No Guide – It’s Your Choice!

  • Walking tours can be either guided or self-guided, it may depend on your level of experience.

On the guided tour, walkers usually pay a flat fee to the tour operator, although people on the tour have the choice of whether or not to give a tip to the tour guide. Operators which promote self-guided tours will have maps for hikers that highlight the best walking routes and feature the famed landmarks that walkers will view during the hike.

  • Tip – There are some agencies that charge for maps, so try to get one from a tourist centre where they hand out free walking tour maps!

Audio and GPS

If you wish to be without a human guide, some operators will rent out pre-recorded audio guides, which travellers can listen to whilst walking.

Enjoy your trip and keep on walking!