What Not to do While Staying in Disney World

Staying in Disney World

It does not really matter whether you own a brand-new or a used unit, luxury motor homes spell five-star comfort on road. The fun doubles when you ride one to the Walt Disney World. As you stand in front of the entrance hall, you will feel like reaching the great muggle-magic divide at the King’s Cross railway station in London. Cross the threshold and leave everything that is ordinary and mundane behind; what lies ahead is magic unlimited. Yes, everything is enchanting out here at the Disney’s, a Magic Kingdom that actually exists outside the pages of the Harry Potter series!

No wonder, this fun destination always tops the vacation wish-list of families with kids.  With four theme parks, two water parks, and innumerable sporting, shopping, and dining options, it has something for every member of your family – kids, parents and even grandparents. If you are planning a trip to ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ in the near future, you might have started to make a long list of activities that you are going to take up once you reach the resort. But have you ever given your consideration to the things you should not opt for at the resort? Actually, very few people do that – in their excitement of visiting the kingdom of fantasy and fairytale, they often forget to trim down their to-do lists and end up having in their plates more than what they can actually chew.  However, too much of anything – no matter how good it is – may not be actually good for your health, isn’t it? So we have made a list of five things you must refrain from doing at the Disney World:

  1. See and Do It All

Did you know that Walt Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan?  Ever tried to guess their motive behind making it that large? Yes, they deliberately made it too large so that you can’t cover it all within a day or two. This is Disney’s way to make sure that visitors come back for more. So why try to make the impossible possible and treat vacation time as a top-notch Marine Cop mission? Consider age and stamina of all the members of your party while chalking out your Disney-to-do list. Believe us, making grandma ride the Space Mountain or your toddler watch The Hall of Presidents in silence, will surely be a recipe for disaster.

  1. Forget the Age-factor Before Trying Rides

Before trying the ride with everybody in the party including nervous kids or frail grandpa, double check with the officials whether that specific ride is fit for them to try or not. There are many rides and shows whose names apparently do not attach anything remotely scary. But it might have certain elements, which young kids may not find funny. So when in doubts, either give it a miss and proceed to the next ride or simply try it by turn, with some members taking care of the little ones while others experience the show.

  1. Keep Kids Away from the Planning Process

By banning kids from the planning process totally, parents end up making the very people dissatisfied for whom they are putting in so much effort and money. Why not include them in the decision making process? Let each kid suggest a couple of must-see attractions in each park. Honor those choices. The feeling of satisfaction that comes with having a say on the important matters will make them act responsibly throughout the trip. Your rewards? Fewer tantrums to handle and more peace of mind throughout the journey.

  1. Expect Everybody in the Party to be Glued to Each Other Throughout the Trip

Is it a large party that you are supposed to take to the Disney World? Let’s face it— there is no magic wand that can keep all members together throughout the trip. You cannot just make your teenage son and his friend spend two hours in Fantasyland just because the younger one wants that – it’s no less than an emotional torture. Instead, let them split off from the group for a while and enjoy their adrenaline-pumping rides to their heart’s content. When elders and young kids declare that they are done for the day, let them just avail the resort’s shuttle service to get back to your motor home and relax. Couples leave the kids in care of their granny (or in-room baby-sitters provided by the resort) and enjoy a romantic evening in one of the Disney’s adult-centric restaurants.

  1. End up Giving Your Kid a Phobia of Disney Characters

If your kids are traveling to the Magic Kingdom for the first time, they may get either nicely surprised or considerably alarmed by discovering a much bigger (huge when compared to the cartoons) Mickey Mouse roaming freely around them. For some the experience might be too intimidating.  So don’t force them to shake hands or go near them for photographs. Give them some time to watch other children doing the same without being harmed before encouraging them to take part in the fantasy photo shoot. To be on the safe side, schedule your character meal on the last day. By that time, your kids will likely get accustomed to the life-sized Disney characters and won’t get nervous while sharing the table with a ‘giant’ Tigger or Pluto for lunch.

Indeed, when it comes to breaking free from the monotony of mundane life, there is nothing like unwinding in the Magic Kingdom for a few days!  If you are planning to travel all the way by road, the first thing you should do is get your rig travel-ready. You must be extra cautious if your plan to buy a used luxury motor home has recently materialized and this Disney vacation is the first trip you are taking in it. Remember, whether you are riding a brand-new or a used luxury motor home, you must invest your time to give it some pre-travel care. Make a mental note of our tips to plan your trip right, and to make the most of your stay in this fun-filled destination. Be happy while staying in ‘The Happiest Place on Earth ‘, and don’t let bad planning spoil your fun.