Webbing slings – what are they and what are they for

Webbing slings

Find out about webbing slings and their types. We have many different polyester loop slings on the market, so it is necessary to know a little more about them. Slings vary in lifting, which is the weight they can withstand – usually between one and ten tons. Their length is also an important difference – we meet half a meter and those that are ten meters long.

Web slings – what are they?

What are web slings? These are polyester belts made of a protective coat with a strong polyester coil underneath. Another name for this is circular, circular or endless slings. They have a circular and closed structure. When the item is placed in the sling, the loop will tighten automatically. Each such element must meet stringent standards and the current machinery directive. They are distinguished from the webbing sling by much greater flexibility, smoother and more slippery surface. Thanks to this, the carried object will not get scratched or damaged.

Mipromet web slings are widely used due to their extreme versatility. They work well in cases where the use of hooks or chains would not be recommended. With their help, you can tow a car, launch boats or yachts. They help in moving devices or machines on construction sites.

What information does the color of the slings bring?

There are double or single loop slings, as well as round ones. But that’s not all – we can choose a product tailored to our needs due to such requirements as: load capacity, thickness, width and, of course, length. It should also be mentioned that they differ in the ending. As the name says, the end element in loop slings is of course the loop. Such a loop can be perfect for transporting or moving long elements, e.g. pipes, materials that have been freshly painted, etc. They are also suitable for the assembly of links, handles or hooks, thanks to which you can make your work much easier.

One of the most important parameters when choosing is the weight that we are going to carry. Here you need to make precise calculations so that maneuvering heavy objects with such belts is the safest. The individual colors found on the slings refer to this feature:

  • purple – 1 ton,
  • green – 2 tons,
  • yellow – 3 tons,
  • gray – 4 tones,
  • red – 5 tons,
  • brown – 6 tons,
  • blue – 8 tons,
  • orange – 10 tons.

As you can see, very different types of slings are available, so it’s best to consider how strong the sling you need.