Top Pubs and Bars in Singapore


Singapore is one of my favourite cities in the world. It is young, new, promising and friendly. The laws are definitely on the stricter side – you cannot bring or chew gum in Singapore, but perhaps that is what makes the city disciplined and clean. Don’t use this small anecdote to judge Singapore in a negative light because, trust me, the Singapore tourism department has ensured that the city has all the right ingredients you need to party! Not only that, but low cost and reduced flights to Singapore have made this a hot travel destination.

Nightlife in Singapore is as lavish and as on-budget as you want it to be. There are multiple roof-top lounges/restaurants, a handful of quirky bars or one-to-many pubs along the river-side for you to pick from. The one thing consistent among the pubs & bars of Singapore is that the service and drinks hardly ever disappoint. In fact, more often than not they leave you wanting more!

Here is my pick of top pubs & bars in Singapore:

  1. Ku De Ta, Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most sought after and gorgeous looking hotels in Singapore. Ku De Ta at the Marina Bay Sands offers patrons a restaurant, a sky deck, a club lounge and a sky bar! It pretty much is an evening-to-wee-hours-in-the-morning kind of party and sumptuous food destination. One that you absolutely must visit!

  1. Bars & Pubs at Clarke Quay

This is the place where fun meets relaxation. Clarke Quay along the banks of the river is where the expats hang-out, where you will get to taste easy-on-the-pocket traditional food and boutique beers even. Head to this area if you want to mingle with the locals and have a chilled-out evening.

  1. Prive, Keppel Bay Marina

If roof-tops are not your thing and all things lavish are, then head to Prive which is located on the ground floor of the Keppel Bay Marina. The couches are comfortable, the peach daiquiris divine and mini wagyu burgers legendary! The music is groovy and the waterfront view is enchanting, making a visit to Prive a worthy one.

  1. St. James Power Station

St. James Power Station is aptly named given that it houses 11 powerhouse and eclectic bars! Located across the causeway from Sentosa Island, St. James boasts of a garden bar, sports bar, jazz bar, karaoke and 6 more types of different & vibrant hang-outs. To fully explore this destination, you need an entire evening or two and I’m sure you won’t regret the time spent here.

So, which one of these bars in Singapore will you visit the next time you are there? Do tell.