Top 10 attractions of Warsaw by ITS DMC Poland

Warsaw by ITS DMC Poland
Warsaw has been the capital of Poland since 1596. It is also the biggest city in the country with population of more than 1,79 million inhabitants. It is administrative, trade, scientific and cultural centre. When it comes to tourism though, it is outshined by the former capital Cracow. Still, Warsaw has much to offer to international tourists and they should plan at least 3 to 5 days visit to get to know all the main attractions of the Polish capital. Below you will find the list of top 10 attractions of Warsaw by ITS DMC Poland, a local Polish travel agency. Let’s explore together what Warsaw has to offer.

Top 10 attractions of Warsaw by ITS DMC Poland:

  1. Royal Baths
  2. Wilanow Palace
  3. Royal Castle
  4. POLIN Museum
  5. Warsaw Rising Museum
  6. Copernicus Science Centre
  7. Vodka Museum
  8. Frederic Chopin Museum
  9. Old Market Square
  10. Viewing Terrace of Palace of Culture and
  11. Science

Warsaw’s castles and palaces

Warsaw as any capital that was a royal residence can boast beautiful palaces. The Royal Castle in the heart of Warsaw’s Old Town was entirely reconstructed from the ashes of WWII. It is included in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List for its meticulous rebuilding. Nowadays, it proposes a few sightseeing routes and it is an excellent starting point for a stroll in the Old Town including Warsaw’s Archcathedral, Palace Square, Royal Route with Presidential Palace and also the Old Market Square with the famous Mermaid Fountain and Barbican. Royal Baths and Wilanow Palace are completely different from the Royal Castle. They are both further from the city centre and both surrounded by magnificent parks and gardens. Therefore, greenery and the architecture in these places are almost equal partners in creating the special climate of both complexes. ITS DMC Poland also suggests to join a visit in Royal Baths with tasting exquisite cuisine in Belvedere or Amber Room or Dom Polski Belwederska restaurants.

Warsaw’s Museums

One of the biggest advantages of Warsaw’s museums is the fact that they are either new or recently modernised facilities. This is why their exhibitions are very contemporary, placed in buildings especially designed to match the exhibition layout and are planned both for group and individual sightseeing. POLIN Museum is located in former Jewish ghetto area just by the Monument of the Ghetto Heroes. The interactive exhibition shows the history of Polish-Jewish relations during 1000 years history. The visit there is truly unforgettable and architecture fans will also have a real treat here. Warsaw Rising Museum shows the history of WWII in Poland and especially Warsaw Rising period. It is a true must see for any newcomer to Warsaw to understand the city and how it functions. It was also first flagship modern-multimedia museum in Poland that has become the trend setter for all contemporary museums in the country. Copernicus Science Centre is a real treat for children and youngsters. This modern science museum allows children to touch, experiment and discover on their own. ITS DMC Poland advises also visiting the Rooftop Garden of Warsaw’s University Library. It is just by the Copernicus Centre and is one of the biggest new Warsaw’s attractions. It is a well-known fact that Poland is one of the most famous vodka producers. This is why, we also invite all tourists to a new-opened Vodka Museum located in the old vodka factory, where visitors can learn how vodka is produced but also taste its main brands or take part in various vodka workshops such as for example Vodka cocktail making. Finally, Frederic Chopin Museum is the most modern and the biggest museum devoted to this famous Polish piano composer in the world and should be visited by all music lovers.

Unique Warsaw’s Spots

Finally, we want to recommend 2 spots in the capital guaranteeing unforgettable experiences. First of all, there is the viewing terrace of the cult Warsaw’s landmark Palace of Culture and Science. It not only gives the opportunity to see this famous building from close proximity but also offers panoramic view to the whole city. ITS DMC Poland also recommends reserving some time for shopping just by the Palace of Culture and Science in the best well known shopping mall of the capital Zlote Tarasy. Another place is the bohemian Old Market Square with all its restaurants and cafes. Tourist should plan at least 1-2 h just to enjoy themselves there, souvenir shopping and absorbing atmosphere of Warsaw.

All in all, Polish capital has much to offer. It is often called a Phoenix city, as like a true Phoenix, it rose again from the ashes of WWII, definitely more proud, resilient and vivid. Warsaw never disappoints, although it is completely different from the royal Cracow it introduces diversity that is the spice of life. We heartily recommend visiting this still undiscovered European capital. If any of the above places caught your attention, feel free to contact ITS DMC Poland and start your Polish adventure with professional group specialists there.