Tips to Secure Valuables When Traveling

Secure Valuables When Traveling

In many countries, foreiTips to Secure Valuables When Travelinggn tourists are often the target of crime, especially pickpockets. This is due to the perception of the traveler’s generally have a lot of money and have been able to travel abroad.
Passports are goods that are targeted by pickpockets or criminal gangs. Because this thing could be used for human trafficking. So also with cash and credit cards. Even the less valuable items can be sold to pasargelap.

1. Photocopy important documents

The first rule to keep safe while traveling is always photocopy important documents such as passports, visas, identity cards and insurance cards if any. Make several copies and keep them in different places. For example, one suitcase, one handbag and one in the hotel safety deposit box (if any). This is to anticipate if the original passport is lost, and facilitate the management is.
2. Shown Naturally
Do not look too conspicuous, especially in public places. Avoid showing large amounts of cash or wearing expensive watches. It’s important to look sober so as not to attract the attention of pickpockets.

3. Do not Save Valuables in Hotel Room
Do not think the hotel room is the safest place to store valuables. The hotel rooms are very likely accessible to intruders, although perhaps hotel rooms have guaranteed security. It will be safer if the requested deposit box facilities, but also check the insurance limits and how much the hotel can guarantee safety.

4. Take advantage Pouch Obsolete
If still in doubt save in a safety deposit box or left it with the concierge, you still can store valuables in your hotel room or bring it when the roads. But it needs special tricks. If you usually put the laptop in the bag, put it under the mattress. Can also use an outdated patchwork bag for carrying credit cards, watches or other jewelry when not in use.

5. Do not Put Money in Hand Bags
Handbag is not a safe place to put money, passport and credit cards. It is recommended to keep it in a bag worn on the waist behind the clothes. This is the best way to protect valuables.