Tips for Booking an Island Resort or Hotel


Island Resort or Hotel

If you are considering a stay at an Island destination like Norfolk off the coast of Australia, or any other holiday resort, you should consider a number of factors before booking. The last thing you need is to arrive after a long journey only to find your accommodation is way below par and not exactly what you would have imagined.

Research Online

There are several popular sites such as Agoda and Expedia which not only offer accommodation but also a chance to review what other guests had to say about their stay at specific destinations. It is advisable to search online for independent blogs that have evaluated the hotel or resort you are planning on staying. They are often carried out by travel writers who have no affiliation to the company, so you know they’re giving their honest opinion. Sometimes they’ll also include pictures of the room and the hotels amenities. You should be able to distinguish between legitimate traveller’s pickers and professional shots which have been taken by a hired photographer.


It is important to double check where the resort is located, some hotel owners will advertise their accommodation as being 5 minutes from the beach, when realistically there about 20 minutes away. A good way of checking is to read review by guests who have used the hotel and match them to the location given on the resorts website. You can also use Google maps to see whether they are near specific attractions or transport. No hotel or resort will tell you about the negative aspects of their location, this you’ll have to find out on your own before you arrive.


The amenities in a resort are vitally important, especially if you are travelling with young kids. Places like Norfolk Island resorts provide excellent facilities that include restaurants, fully furnished living quarters and a first-class swimming pool. You should take some time to look at some resorts amenities to see what is on offer, if you require accommodation which has fully disabled access, you must make inquiries before you book. Higher quality services make your stay at any hotel or resort that bit more comfortable.

Check In & Check Out Times

A lot of travellers overlook check out times when booking rooms, but it is imperative that you know what time you can check in and out of the hotel or resort. If you’re catching a late flight and your hotel only allows you to stay until 12pm, you could be left sitting around all day with nothing to do but sit in the hotel lobby. Similarly, they may not allow early check ins, leaving you waiting around until your room has been cleaned.

There are numerous factors to consider before booking an island resort or hotel, you must remember that your options will be limited if you choose the wrong one because there won’t be the same selection as you’ll find on the mainland. If you want to get good accommodation, it is vital to do some research and book well in advance to get what you want.