Tip If Lost Luggage at the Airport


Airport arguably become the most populous region. Soekarno Hatta Jakarta alone, for example, every day there are a million more people get off the plane. Also in other busy cities in foreign countries. Quite often lost luggage incident or other common-borne flight. Here are tips to keep your luggage does not fly float:


1. Number Line Baggage At some airports, there are many paths luggage drop. Make sure you are on the right track. See the announcement of a number of flights over the trunk lines.

2. Card Claims Many people ignore the claim that ordinary card attached to the boarding pass or ticket. Moreover, if this card apart from the boarding pass. whereas this card should you look for in addition to often no checks are also useful if your luggage is not found.

3. Suitcase in Another Flight For this case luggage will usually return. It only takes patience to wait because it could take a day.

4. Identity and Special Signs Should attach identifying information such as name, address, hometown, and contact number. Additionally give a special mark in your bag to be easily recognizable and not confused.

5. Attach a Clothes Anyone would be averse if her luggage is lost or left behind but just in case you need to bring a pair or two pairs of clothes in a bag placed in the cabin. So if nothing bad happens you still have a change of clothes. Mini toiletries also need to be prepared.

6. Separate Valuables Ideally suitcase in the trunk contained only clothes and other small tools. Separate valuable items such as laptops, identity, and other important documents. Store in a bag that is placed in the cabin.