The Perfect Look for The Family Kitchen – Crackle Glass Mosaic Tiles

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If you are on the hunt for tiles for your next home design project, you may not have considered crackle glass mosaic tiles. There has been a recent trend where people are making use of stained glass for their windows, which is more commonly seen in churches than in people’s homes. Similarly, it is possible to create this effect with crackle glass tile mosaics on your kitchen backsplash for a unique and dynamic look. Because many people have not heard of these tiles previously, we’d thought we’d provide a few tips for selecting the right crackle glass tiles.

Thickness and Size

There are so many different sizes of crackle glass tile mosaics available, as well as thickness, meaning they are suitable for a whole host of different projects. By far and away the most common type of tile you will come across is the one-inch square. This size of tile allows you to create some truly unique designs which would never be possible with traditionally sized tiles. If this size of tile is too small, there are bigger sizes available.

With regards to thickness, we’d recommend staying away from the thickest tiles, as these tiles can be hard to fix to your walls and will be more likely to fall off in the future.

The Quality of the Color

With crackle mosaic tiles, there is often a lifespan of how long the coloring of the tiles will last for. Beware of cheap tiles which will lose their color very quickly, as the last thing you want to be doing is to remove the tiles in 2 years after the color has faded completely and a refresh is required. Fading occurs when the tiles are exposed to a lot of light, as well in some cases water. The best quality glass mosaic tiles should offer some guarantee of lasting tint to prevent against the degradation of the color.

Price of the Tiles

Crackle glass mosaic tiles tend to be sold in a price per tile, or sometimes priced by weight. This means that it can be difficult to compare prices for this type of tile.

As you can see, it is possible to go for a different type of tile for your kitchen to move away from the plain glass backsplash tile for your home. Give it a try and create a unique look for your kitchen!