Single Trip Travel Insurance Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Going for a one-off holiday can be made more enjoyable and stress-free when you have single trip travel insurance. Travelers who only take a maximum of one trip a year can take advantage of one trip travel insurance to ensure they’re covered in case of a medical emergency, a trip cancellation, personal effects or baggage loss, or any other undesirable event.


What Can Single Trip Travel Insurance Cover?

One trip travel insurance can be purchased for domestic as well as international destinations. Policies can cover such things as:

medical emergencies that are not covered by a healthcare plan
personal liability
hospital stay
legal protection
terrorist incidents
trip cancellation or delay
In most cases, you’re also covered in the event that you take ill and need to be brought back home for treatment. Most travel insurance companies also offer 24-hour assistance that you can use whether you find yourself in an emergency situation or simply need questions answered.

Flexibility of Plans

A single trip travel insurance policy can be tailored to your own specific needs. The majority of providers offer plans that are flexible, and with options from which to pick and choose so as to craft a policy that best suits your travel plans. This allows for a reduction of premiums while the essentials are covered.

Buyer Beware

As with any other product or service, seekers of one trip travel insurance should shop around to ensure they get the most cover for their money. Today, this can be achieved somewhat easily by researching plans and providers online prior to making a purchase.

Buying online will also translate into hefty savings as most companies, big and small, offer steep discounts for policies bought via the internet. Online buyers can avail themselves of discounts as high as 35%. Use the travel insurance comparison tool here to make the whole process easier.

Single Trip for Frequent Travelers?

While single trip travel insurance is ideal for those who only travel once a year or less, frequent travelers should consider annual cover. These are policies which can be taken out to cover all trips within a 12 month period, with individual trips taking up to 90 days, in most cases.

Annual policies will not only prove to be more cost-effective, they will also remove the hassle of having to expend the time to acquire cover each time you’re about to go away.

Few things match the excitement and exhilaration of traveling to new places and exploring different cultures and environments. However, life is too unpredictable to embark on a journey to a far away destination, however long or short, without travel insurance cover.

Adverse things happen – nobody plans on a broken arm or leg, a car accident, a disease, or a number of other not-so-pleasant events to occur. But when they do, having single trip travel insurance cover can avert financial disaster. If you don’t travel often, you may be wondering whether you really need cover – we all like to think, ‘That would never happen to me.’ But problems do happen at random, to everyone, eventually.

If anything, having cover will bring the peace of mind necessary to enjoy your holiday without having to worry about worst case scenarios.