Ooty – The Ultimate Summer Paradise Of Southern India

ooty tourism

This beautiful hill station located in the glorious state of Tamil Nadu in the midst of industrial powerhouses cities of automobiles, chemical and technology, is not at all shy of its size and in fact is a huge contributor to the state in terms of it tourism and agricultural sector. This article tells the travellers looking forward to this place as their next holiday destination on what to expect.

In the midst of industrial powerhouses like Chennai and Coimbatore, lies the mellow beautiful hill station of Ooty. Dubbed as the “queen of the hill stations” there is no doubt Ooty is one of the prime tourists attractions in India. Set in the beautiful surroundings of the Nilgiri Hills, this hill station town is also the district capital of the Nilgiris District. Ooty is known for its natural beauty where the hills are covered by dense lush vegetations, and the smaller hills covered with tea gardens and eucalyptus trees.

ooty tourism

Tourism is one of the main contributors in the economy of Ooty. Ooty earns a fair share of its economy from its agricultural sector and with the manufacturing of medicines. It is also a very popular location for shooting films and music videos. Although many portions of the hills are preserved as natural reserve forests and special permits will be needed to cap in the non-campsites. Ooty serves as a heavenly weekend getaway for people living in cities nearby who can make the trips to and fro by road and enjoy the road trip getting to witness the awe inspiring sight of the approaching hill station paradise and their destination. Ooty also offers an interesting staying experience for the travellers and visitors in terms of the catering department. There is a large number of Hotels ranging from the expensive luxurious to the cheap budget friendly ones. Although there are hotels owned by the government as an initiative to help the tourism department in the state, all Ooty hotels are not entirely owned by the government. There are various private enterprises who own a huge line of hotels. The experience of Ooty sits better with adventurous people as Ooty offers various options of outdoor activities. The temperate climate of Ooty also makes it a terrific adventurous destinations unlike other places where you should be mostly confined inside an air conditioned bus or car and do your touring and sightseeing because the scorching heat is something you cannot handle and it ruins your whole trip.

Get out, breathe the fresh air and let the beautiful view in front of your eyes sink it and take a picture with your mind. Go for long walks and hikes. Visit and actually walk along the tea plantations instead of just driving past it. The plucking of tea leaves from the tea bushes is also actually a craft on its own, you may even get to experience and see it firsthand if you are lucky. Travel in the famous Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR), built with wooden coaches of blue and cream colours with large windows. Buy and taste the famous chocolates manufactured in Ooty locally. Visit all the famous gardens, parks and temples. Dare to do exciting stuff in this exciting destination, you could even go for horse rides or go to farms and pluck fresh produce. Ooty is a different experience altogether. A fun, unexpected and fulfilling experience is what this place promises.