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Online Travel Insurance

More and more people are beginning to realize the importance of including travel insurance in their holiday plan. Let’s face it, there’s no planning for the unforeseeable.

Sure, you can try and think of all the possibilities and plan accordingly, but what are the chances that you will cover everything? And how do you plan for accidents from a financial standpoint?


For a fraction of what the trip expenses amount to, you can acquire travel insurance that will cover you and your family in the event that the unexpected occurs, and stave off a possible, major financial disaster. One way to get cost-effective cover is to buy online travel insurance.

Online Travel Insurance is Cheaper

Travel insurance costs less online. Some of the big names in travel insurance offer policies at discounts as steep as 35% for the same cover that is bought offline.

Companies can offer such discounts because there is much less overhead associated with online purchases – there are no office buildings or employee expenses to pay for.

Convenience of Travel Insurance Online

In addition, buying travel insurance online is quick and painless. From your computer at home, at a convenient time such as on a Sunday afternoon, and at your leisure, you can buy cover with no pressure.

You can read reviews about previous policy holders and their experiences to get acquainted with the good providers, as well as the not so good, and ensure that you purchase a policy from a proven, reliable company.

For even more convenience, online holiday insurance can be bought from the same online travel agents or websites with which a trip is booked.

Buying Online Holiday Insurance is Safe

Today, online holiday insurance can be obtained from online travel agents as well as every major insurance provider. This means that you are not restricted to buying form unknown or shady online companies.

Besides, many online travel insurance policies offered by online travel agents are carried by underwriters. These are multinational insurance giants who carry all the risk. A good thing to look for prior to making a purchase is whether or not the website mentions a reputable name as the underwriter.

An extra layer of security can be obtained by of running a Google search for the company name to gauge the website’s reputation.

Ability to Compare Travel Insurance Quotes Online

Buying online also affords you the ability to get a multitude of quotes, to compare and pick the policy that provides the most cover for the least amount of money – all without having to speak to anyone.

You don’t have to feel pressured by an eager salesperson looking to make a sale regardless of what that may mean to your needs. You also benefit from the fact that your online policy can be effective immediately following the online purchase – no waiting for paperwork to reach the provider and get mailed back to you.


One more benefit of online insurance that is worthy of mention, is the fact that some online travel agents and insurance providers will allow clients to extend or modify cover while on holiday. This gives you the flexibility to change your insurance plan should your trip require it.