Four Reasons to Golf in Thailand


There are more than a dozen reasons as to why you should take your golfing holiday in Thailand this year, but there are four key benefits that keep golfers coming back year after year. Millions of people from all over the globe visit Thailand for a number of reasons each year, and golfing is just one of them. From the Buddhist roots and old history to the unique cuisine and vivid landscapes, Thailand is home to some of the most spectacular attractions in all of Asia. If you want to travel across an ocean just to enjoy a golfing holiday, your destination should be nothing short of spectacular. Thailand represents the perfect getaway, especially when it comes to golfing excursions.

Golf in Thailand

Value for Money

Thailand golf holidays are among the most affordable holidays you can take, as Thailand is a country with a very low cost of living. For any visiting golfer, this beautiful country provides great value for money in every aspect. For just a few AUD, you can enjoy a delicious lunch and spend as much time as you want exploring the green expanses. In the midst of today’s frequent economic fluctuations, it is imperative that you save as much money as possible when booking a holiday, and Thailand is your opportunity to do so.

Golf Courses

When you book a golf holiday, you gain access to more than 200 golf courses across the country. Even if you played on two different courses every day of your stay, you would still not be able to place a dent in the number of courses available. For this reason alone, golfers return again and again to ensure that they get the chance to play on every course. As if to make such a goal even more difficult, additional golf courses are built each year at a rate of approximately one new facility per month. No matter where you travel in Thailand during your stay, you will find a golf course on which to play and enjoy yourself, and the green fees are exceptionally affordable.

The People

Thailand has a second name, The Land of Smiles, making it no surprise that the locals in this country are extremely welcoming of foreigners. The Thai people are naturally welcoming and friendly, and they are always happy to help you find your way or invite you inside for a hot meal. The quality of service and attention you receive wherever you go is outstanding. Add to this the unparalleled hospitality, and it should come as no surprise to find out that tourists and golf enthusiasts return again and again to this spectacular country.

The Food

Golfing is a very enjoyable activity, and all of that fun will quickly build up a large appetite. If you want to sit down and eat something delicious, you hardly need to go far in Thailand. From street vendors to fine dining, you can find anything and everything in Thailand, and the prices are always very reasonable. For the price of a meal at a typical chain restaurant, you can enjoy luxury cuisine unlike anything you might find at home. On the streets, a few baht will buy you delicious kabobs of chicken, pork, or beef, and they are always cooked fresh to order. If you have never had ‘sticky rice’ before, this is your opportunity to taste a piece of heaven.

Once you book a golfing tour, you may find yourself searching for other opportunities to visit the country within the same year.