Experience the Absolute Best with Classic Holidays at Mt. Hutt Lodge

Classic Holidays

The natural beauty of New Zealand is like a magical world. No matter where are you from, there’s always one that you cannot deny about New Zealand is that it is lush, green, scenic and full of incredible natural beauty and large open spaces. Both the North and South Islands are rich in unique and amazing locations, national parks, mountains and ranges and other exclusive natural wonders.

Classic Holidays

Spectacular Scenery

In the South Islands there you find the incredible Southern Alps. This mountain range features an exceptional setting that gives you great opportunities to capture some good photographs of the place. One of the best ways to experience the exquisiteness of South Island and discover the hidden treasures is by travelling in a campervan hire organized so that you can explore new places, stop where you like and set your own itinerary. You can utilize your Classic Holidays membership benefits to hire vans at affordable pricing. With no need to worry about accommodation, you can choose resorts organized by the holiday club that has all the comforts of home available within your reach.

Along with a wide range of incredible mountain you’ll also find some great National Parks, with flora and fauna of New Zealand. You may also discover some of the native wildlife of New Zealand as well, such as the Rock Wren and the Kea. These are home to Kiwi and the South Island Kaka and they both find their shelter within the beech forests.

Home-Like Stay

Located in New Zealand’s South Island, Mt Hutt Lodge is the most preferred destination to discover the holiday lifestyle amidst serenity and stunning views. This amazing lodge in Rakaia is one of a kind place to stay with family or friends.

During winter there are wide ranges of local ski fields to choose, while summers are the best time to visit and explore the hidden paradise. This Classic organized exceptional accommodation has easy access to the range of country holiday treats. You can enjoy the activities including skiing at Mt Hutt, jet boating, and fishing in the lakes and streams.

The comfortable and luxurious apartments provide scintillating views of the gorgeous river and the stunning snow-capped Mt Hutt Mountain Range. It is a lovely place to stay with facilities including game activities for children, swimming pool and spa baths attached in each room. It is indeed a perfect family resort where you can get unlimited fun with peace and tranquillity.