Enjoying An Idyllic And Safe Summer On Your Pontoon

New 2016 Pontoon Boats

The start of summer sees many a pontoon boat being taken out of storage. Lakes and rivers get filled up with lazy sailing boats carrying friends and family. Spending quality time with them and going tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding etc., makes for a perfect summer retreat.

To successfully enjoy water sports, the engine of the pontoon should be able to speed up to 26mph. To satisfy this condition, the engine should be of a minimum of 90HP. But in case you have an engine of 115HP, it will add an element of extra fun to your water sports.

Just lounging on the deck of the boat with a picnic basket ready containing goodies like sandwiches, salads, burgers and drinks is an ideal way to spend a day on the pontoon. Decorating the pontoon with themes and throwing parties on board throughout summers is a heavenly way to enjoy it.

Of course certain safety precautions also need to be taken. You have to ensure that everyone has a life jacket and knows the safety guidelines prevalent on the boats before leaving the dock. All rules and regulations have to be obeyed and only then will you be able to turn your boat into a retreat worth spending time on.

How to Turn Your Pontoon Boat into the Ultimate Summer Retreat