Do not Make Costly Travel

Do not Make Costly Travel

For me, cheap vacation home anywhere priority. Some people also certainly think so. Vacation is supposed to eliminate fatigue should not be a new problem – empty pockets – when return to activity.


Recreation to tourist spots are actually so many goals. However, little financial condition could discourage recreation. As a result, gathering among friends in a coffee shop and play games so choice.

If we think there is no such money, means the opportunity to vacation in other areas was limited to people with money alone. For a place that has become a national and international tourist icon, it is fine. Compare when we visit a new tourist spot known, of other things implied in the head. Maybe we traveled to Bali alone than here. Wow!

Things like this should be our common concern. In introducing the audience outside tour, price and accommodations appropriate bag will definitely be a priority. People will definitely choose it as an alternative holiday. Cheap, but not cheap.

If so, one, two, or even hundreds of people will visit. From here of course the economy of the tourism sector will be the source of local revenue. I’m sure with the number of visitors will be a good promotional ad for the advancement of the tourist area.