Choose Jugnoo Autos over Ordinary Autos and Feel the Difference


Recent studies showed that cab services in India will earn at least 9 billion dollar annually in the recent future. Not surprisingly, owners of app based cab service are coming up with more discounts to grab more passengers. These spurt in the cab service is mainly popular in the metro cities however, majority of Indian cities are still not awarded with metro tag and can’t afford to avail app-cab or ordinary taxi. For them the most convenient mode of transport is auto. To address this issue in a tech friendly way, few Chandigarh IITians have launched first ever mobile app auto-rickshaw service in India known as Jugnoo.

Jugnoo Autos

Why Jugnoo app-auto service is better than ordinary auto services?

  • 24*7 availability: During late night, when you coming back home after a full on party or any early morning flight, autos are deep asleep and are not on roads to ply you. But Jugnoo auto-rickshaws are available at your service round the clock, even if your car betrays you at the middle of the road, then Jugnoo is just a click apart. Early morning, late night or rainy day is just like any another day for Jugnoo service.
  • No strikes or sudden fare hikes: Strikes are a very common issue in common auto business, either due to political issues or other union based reasons. During strikes these autos just become invisible from the streets leaving people in a difficult situation. Strikes are alien to Jugnoo’s as their sole motto is “Work is worship”.
  • No refusal and half way transport: Refusal is very common with normal auto services and sometimes the percentage of refusal becomes higher than acceptance. Moreover, if your home is in a remote corner, then auto drivers drop you at the nearest main road only. In a Jugnoo auto driver’s dictionary, the refusal word does not exist, they only follow your GPS to track your location and serve you.
  • Have fixed tariff rate: Normal auto rickshaws have no fixed fare and the travelers need to bargain a lot at the peak hours. Also fare hikes are frequent and sudden, and sometimes they charge much more and even double over the estimated tariff. But with Jugnoo there is no fear of sudden fare hikes. Their fare chart is fair and clear and there are no sudden or frequent hikes.
  • No bargain: Your calculated fare is informed to you by SMS or mail, directly by the app controller or Jugnoo officials such that there is no need to argue with the driver regarding the fare chart, which is quite a common issue with normal auto services.
  • Discounts: If you are a regular commuter then your will be felicitated with coupons for Jugnoo. With these discount vouchers you can save some bucks on your every ride with them.

Jugnoo apart from an app controlled auto service also centers around Jugnoo coupons, ease of access, economical travel and happy journey over the city roads. Currently Jugnoo Autos pierce through Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Mohali, Gurgaon, but there are plans to extend its territory to other corners of the Indian sub-continent as well.