Car Rental Sydney Checklist: Things to Do and Know Before Signing Anything

car rental

Getting a Car Rental Sydney can be pretty perplexing if you do not know what to do. If this is your first time to contact a car rental company, then this checklist should help you do things as smoothly as possible.

Preliminaries: Before picking up your car, you should check if you have all the necessary documentations required to verify your identification, your ability to pay, and a proof of your booking. Check to see if you have your voucher with you, your passports and driver’s license, and other IDs needed to claim the car. You might also want to read up on traffic rules in Australia before getting your car rental Sydney.

car rental

Prepare to pick up your car

Be at the agreed pick up location on time, or inform the company if you will be late. If there will be other drivers, you need to bring them with you. They should appear with their driver’s licenses. You also need to check the car itself. Are there damages? You need to try to look under the car if possible. Check to see if everything is in working condition too before signing any papers. Check if the fuel tank is full. It should be. Otherwise, ask the agent in charge of your car rental terms what the deal is. You can get discounts from not having a full tank, or they can agree to receive the car without a full tank. It depends on your car rental Sydney company. You can also ask the specifics of the insurance terms at this point so you won’t be confused should you need to use the insurance.

During the rental period, keep to the terms and conditions in the contract

As much as possible, you should keep to the terms of the contract. If the terms require you to drive only on roads, then do so. If the terms also require you not to let anyone else drive the car, then don’t allow anyone to drive the car. Keep a watchful eye on the mileage of your car just in case going beyond the limit will incur extra charges. You should also make sure that you keep the car fuel topped up so you won’t find the need to be towed off the road. Keep your keys safe because it can be very expensive if you need to have them replaced.

If you get into an accident, keep calm

Make sure you check if everyone involved in the accident is safe before anything else. Then, once you’ve assured your safety and the safety of everyone involved in the accident, you need to call your car rental company. Document all the damages in your car rental Sydney. Ask them about the coverage of the insurance you have purchased from them, and if it covers the damages in the other vehicle if the accident was your fault. Ask them about liability insurances you might have purchased as well just in case you need to pay for medical bills. Keep everything documented so you won’t be charged with any damages you are not responsible for.

If you finish your rental without any accidents, be thankful

Take photos that the car rental Sydney left your hands without any damages just in case the car rental company comes after you unfairly later on. Make sure that the fuel tank is full if this is part of the terms, and as with the pick-up of your car rental, try to be punctual too when returning your rented vehicle.

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