Call a car rental Sydney office and Other Tips When Shopping for a Car for Hire

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There are certain ways for you to save on your car rental fees. One of them is actually to call a car rental Sydney office and clear things up before reserving online. Below are other good practices when it comes to renting and driving cars abroad.

Book early. You should call a car rental Sydney office as early as possible to ask them about early bird promos. There are plenty of car rental companies who give big discounts for clients who reserve early, but ask for the latest possible day for the promo so you won’t book too early and risk having to pay for a no-show penalty fee, just in case your trip is cancelled. Try to dodge the mad peak season rush for cars because the later you book, the pricier the cars get.

Look for special offers online. Never settle for just the catalogue prices of car rentals. You can do better by looking for promos online. There are plenty, even from big named companies. However, you should call a car rental Sydney office if a deal sounds too good to be true, just to make sure you are clicking on a promo that is legitimate. You might want to hold off giving your credit card information until you have confirmed the legitimacy of the promo and the website you are looking at.

Rent a Car

Skip the car rental company insurance. When you call a car rental Sydney office for reservations, you will find yourself lured into purchasing the company’s car rental insurance. They can make it seem very enticing to just purchase their car insurance instead of using your own personal insurance policy. Try to get a hold of your credit card company and your insurance company first, and see if your benefits include car rental insurance. This way, you won’t be spending unnecessarily on a policy you don’t need.

Avoid airport rentals and pick-ups/drop offs. When it comes to car rentals, anything with the word “airport” in it is bound to double the fees. There are airport taxes and surcharges to think about. Unless absolutely necessary like when you are travelling with very small children who might not be comfortable in an airport shuttle to the hotel, you should avoid airport rentals, pickups and drop-offs. They are very convenient but they can also pad up your travel costs. You can call a car rental Sydney office to ask about the actually rates added if you do need to be picked up at the airport.

Always read the terms before signing anything. One way you can limit your car rental expenses is to avoid having to pay for penalties. Before signing the contract, read the terms and conditions very well. Once you put your signature on the blank space provided, that means you agree to whatever penalties the car rental company wishes to impose on your deal. Make sure you take note of every damage possibility you will be held liable for. You might also be liable for letting someone else drive the car, so watch out for that. Also read clauses about where you can drive the car, and the gasoline terms you will have to follow.

Don’t settle for low car rental rates as they’re not always the best but do call a car rental Sydney office and get to know more what a company can offer.