Book with These Groovy Guides and Experience Australia


At the risk of using a well-worn phrase: there’s travel and then there’s travel. If you are interested in booking a nice, quiet, luxurious stay in one of the finest hotels and dining on the exclusive meals served in the city’s top restaurants, this may not be the company for you. You will certainly receive the best customer service possible and all your needs and wants will be well-handled.

But, when you book with this unique service, your destinations will be different from those just described. What you receive is outstanding value in an all-inclusive Australian adventure with a focus on southern and central destinations. Your companions will include a team of guides who are just as passionate about adventure travel as you are. But their knowledge of the destinations is unmatched.

Outback Fun

Some of the key words you will hear when planning your journey with Groovy Grape are: fun, flexible, and unforgettable. You may want to visit the Barossa Valley and taste some of the great wines of the region or look for sea lions on Kangaroo Island. Take another step toward adventure with mountain hiking or watching the sunrise at Uluru. The variety of activities and sites is truly remarkable. Each tour is unique.

For two decades, these adventure professionals have been offering excellent getaways, beginning with the aforementioned Barossa Valley and growing to cover a large segment of the continent. Your group will consist of only those who are young at heart, which always makes for an informative and adventurous trip. There are no age restrictions but it’s certainly best to be reasonably fit.

If you are at all concerned about what might be left out of an outback tour, you can relax. This popular company makes sure all your meals, accommodations, and park entry fees are included. You won’t meet with unpleasant surprises. But you will be involved because the tours are interactive. Guides encourage travellers to assist with food, campsite preparations, etc. Being part of the activity leads to visiting and a great atmosphere.


It may seem a bit odd to talk about amenities when you are on an outback adventure tour. But quality is one of the key elements with these getaways. Comfortable air-conditioned buses provide transportation and you will always look forward to comfortable accommodations at day’s end. The meals are beyond delicious and the company even arranges for dietary necessities.

If you’re interested in taking the next adventure step, you may want to ask about treetop walks, mountain biking, camel rides, scenic flights, and quad biking. You are also invited to inquire about accommodation upgrades if you prefer something other than camping or hostel stays. These changes are available by pre-arrangement.

Start your journey by visiting the website to learn more about the outstanding tours being planned. Browse for a few minutes to gather information and then contact a representative about your getaway plans. You will always enjoy the native wildlife and the outstanding scenery as you experience the Australian outback.