5 Washington Road Trips to Take in Your Diesel Motor Home

Diesel Motor Home

When it comes to a fun-filled and thrilling getaway, there is nothing like an adventurous road trip to Washington. The bouncy back roads, extensive interstate highways and scenic beauty are all that you need to plan for that perfect weekend escapade with your family or friends. And, if you’re planning to invest in one of the luxury diesel motor homes for sale, why not celebrate the occasion by taking a road trip to Washington? So, pack your bags, fuel up your rig and hit the roads. Not sure which place to visit? Chill! Here are five of the most interesting places that you must visit in your diesel rig.

Diesel Motor Home

1. Grand Coulee Dam

If you love to enjoy in the lap of nature and get mesmerized by scenic beauty, then a trip to the Grand Coulee Dam is just for you. Get a view of the magnificent canyons, a carved landscape formed by the Missoula floods several years ago. This adventure trip will begin in Othello, a city in Adams County, Washington. From here, you’ll head north on the state highway SR-17. Once you reach Coulee, move east on SR-2, and next to SR-55. Keep on the road until you reach Omak, which is a year-round playground offering recreational activities such as fishing, camping, snowmobiling and skiing for your family or friends to enjoy.

  1. North Cascades Highway

Most people visit Seattle for its natural beauty and picturesque landscapes. Get a spectacular view of Seattle’s scenic views right from your diesel motor home as most of them can be seen while you’re driving down the North Cascades Highway. This fun-filled trip will begin in Sedro-Woolley. From there, you’ll head east on the highway SR-20 until you reach Okanagon. Once you reach there, have fun hunting or fishing.

  1. Whidbey Island

Start this adventure trip on the south of the Whidbey Island, and head north on SR-525. When you reach Coupeville, turn your motor home on SR-20. You can take a break on the way. You will find the Fort Ebey State Park, where you can consider hiking. The 3-mile saltwater shoreline trail is the right hiking destination for many RV aficionados. Once you’ve enjoyed the activity, move to the highway and head for the  Deception Pass State Park, which boasts of 4,134 acres of old forestland with freshwater lakes, saltwater shores, 38 miles of trail and campgrounds.

  1. Palouse

If you plan a trip to Palouse, make sure that you have enough time, as exploring this place takes longer than the rest of the points in the Washington road trips. The trip starts in a town called Opportunity, which is near the Spokane Valley. Head straight south on the WA-27. Take a break, and spend some time admiring the beautiful countryside and peaceful towns along the journey. You can take roundabout route to visit the Steptoe Butte Park. This is an ideal spot to chill out and take delight in the natural beauty of the Palouse Hills.

  1. The Olympic Peninsula

The trip to the Olympic Peninsula is about 150 miles long. You will need to start from Port Gamble. Drive your RV west on the WA-104, and then move north on the Olympic Highway or the SR-101. Revel in the breathtaking views of the Discovery Bay along the way. The Olympic Peninsula is located west of Seattle, and is known for forests and snow-capped mountain peaks. Have a great time with your friends and family exploring the gorgeous destinations such as the Crescent Lake, Port Angeles and Hoh Rain Forest, and the sleepy towns.

Start looking for diesel motor homes for sale, and buy the one that is best suited to your travel needs. Unleash the adventurer in you. Have an exciting road trip. Happy RV-ing!