3 Reasons Why Destination Weddings Are A Rage


Destination weddings are fast becoming a rage amongst the young as well as the elderlies who are looking to get married in the near future. If this is the case, there has to be a reason behind it. However, the reasons in the case of destination weddings more than just one, they are 3. They have been elaborated below:

a) Cost: The couple get more value for money:
The costs of a destination wedding are much cheaper compared to traditional weddings. To add to it, for the same amount of money, a lot more can be bought in terms of both goods and services. Most of the wedding plans are inclusive of all costs and the couple might as well go without their wallets. To list a few items that are included in the package include to and fro travel tickets, stay, celebration costs, food, leisure trips etc. (These vary from region to region and consultation is advised)


b) Planning: There is a separate planning team to take care of arrangements:
Nothing can be better than when everything is taken care of by a dedicated planning team. This will make room for plenty of time to relax for all the guests who can then either relax or go exploring the beauty of the destination. As for the bride, a lot of stress gets eliminated and her role is left only as a supervisor who is supposed to say right from wrong.
c) Location: Selecting the location is a choice:
This is by far the biggest reason why destination weddings are hot favorites. Because there are a huge number of locations to choose from, one may do the following:
1) Whether: Some people like winters while the others prefer a warm summer day. Based on the preference, the location can be changed. A sun lover may visit any one of the many tropical locations while those who love the chill can opt for locations up or down below.
2) Scenery: A wedding hall offers limited options for decoration. However, this is not the case with destination weddings. Couples may choose from beach sunsets to morning glories. For those who are not nature lovers, there is always an option of going to a magnificent castle.
After reading the above mentioned reasons, every bride is sure to want to have a destination wedding. However, they should remember that a destination wedding may not always go as planned. Because everything is alien to everyone on the guest list, there are all rendered helpless and there is little that they can do in order to help in case something goes wrong.
This is why, it is important to double check everything before sending an invite. Along with this, make sure to reach the location a couple of days ahead of the wedding date in order to recheck everything and make any necessary changes. The last thing that you would want is for the guests to do back dejected and not carrying any happy memories with themselves.